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Gask-O-Seals are very reliable elastomer bonded-to-metal or plastic sealing devices intended for applications requiring extreme reliability, longevity, and durability. The elastomer is moulded directly in place within the groove or grooves of a metal or plastic retainer.

Integral Seals

The integral seal design bonds the elastomer sealing element to thin metal or engineered plastic retainer plates, allowing for a very complex sealing geometry, ease of assembly and reliable service in a single seal element.

Fastener & Fitting Seals

Fastener and fitting seals provide reliable static sealing for screws, blots, tube fittings and other fasteners. Available designs are Stat-O-Seals for sealing under the heads of bolts, ThredSeals for sealing around the tread roots of any threaded fastener and Lock-O-Seals for sealing tube fitting bosses.

Custom moulded or machined shapes

Custom moulded or machined seals are available in a virtually infinite range of shapes and cross sections. Parker designs and manufactures engineered elastomeric shapes, both homogeneous and inserted, for sealing systems and isolation applications.

Dynamic Metal Seals

Parker's dynamic metal seals offer a design option for critical low duty-cycle, all metal sealing in mission critical applications. Frequently selected for high pressure/high-temperature (HPHT) service, these seals excel under extreme environments.

ParFab Extruded Profiles/Spliced

Parker offers a wide variety of standard extruded profiles in many configurations. ParFab part can be fabricated into low closure force seals, large diameter O-Rings, non-standard O-Rings and custom profiles.

Backup Rings

Parker backup rings offer simple solutions to safely increase system pressure or solve an existing extrusion problem. Standard profiles are available in a variety of materials to complement virtually any Parker rod or piston profile.

Metal Seals & Gaskets

Parker provide metal seals in a wide range of base metals and plating finishes, available as metal jacketed gaskets, corrugated gaskets and flat gaskets, in a wide range of sizes and shapes. Metal seals are ideal for high-temperature, high-vacuum, broad chemical resistance and low extractable applications.

PTFE FlexiSeals

Our full line of spring energized PTFE lip seals are used on rod, piston, face and rotary sealing applications. FlexiSeals are typically used in areas where elastomeric seals cannot meet the frictional, temperature or chemical resistance requirements of the application. 


O-rings are available in all AS568 sizes and a wide range of metric sizes (DIN3771, ISO3601, and ISB2401) as well as custom sizes. O-rings can be moulded in a wide range of elastomer compounds ranging from basic nitrile to perfluorinated materials such as Parofluor ULTRA.

Ultra-High Temperature Metallic Seals

In the never-ending search for higher efficiency and reduced emissions, jet engines and gas turbines are now running hotter than ever. Our resilient turbine seals offer robust ultra-high temperature sealing solutions for compressor, combustion chamber and power turbine stages.

PTFE FlexiLip & FlexiCase Rotary Seals

FlexiLip high-speed PTFE lip seals are designed for rotary applications. The filled PTFE sealing element, available in single, dual and triple sealing lip designs, provides chemical compatibility, a wide temperature range and high speed capability.

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