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Sealing Solutions

The Business Model is founded on the well developed partnership between Aerospace Supply and the Parker Engineered Materials Group. The synergy existing through customer requirement, product realisation and manufacturing excellence combined with the management of customer requirements through excellence in supply chain management. Parker's team of application engineers can assist in finding the most reliable and total cost effective sealing solutions.


Aerospace Supply provide a single point of contact across all divisions of the Parker Engineered Materials manufacturing plants. Aerospace Supply through our expertise offer a tailored logistics solution ensuring on time delivery and dramatic inventory reduction. Allied to the foregoing both partners embrace a culture based on employee empowerment and continuous improvement supported by our Quality Management Systems with the requisite accreditation. The culmination of these partnered initiatives is the basis of our total customer satisfaction model.

Expendable Parts Solutions

Aerospace Supply provide a number of value added services, including; Kitting, Piece Part Support, Order Management and Just In Time delivery. In order to meet the continuous challenges within the aviation sector Aerospace Supply work closely with its customers in assessing their evolving requirements. Each of the services offered are tailored to meet the customer's specific criteria and individual needs.

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